zTV Remote

A Simplified TV Sleep Timer Remote

Say goodbye to navigating endless menus to set your TV timer.

No More Falling Asleep with The TV On


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Why do you need this device like this?

While many televisions include a sleep function, it’s often hidden deep within complex menus, making it a hassle to set when you just want to wind down.

With zTV Remote, setting your TV sleep timer has never been easier. No more navigating through buried menus or complicated settings. Simply press a button to set the timer in 15-minute increments.

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    Original price was: $24.95.Current price is: $19.95.

Key Features of zTV Remote.

  • Effortless Setup: Single-button functionality for easy TV sleep timer setup.
  • Universal Compatibility: The zTV Remote is designed to work seamlessly with most popular TV brands and models, so you can enjoy its benefits regardless of your setup.
  • Easy Setup: Setting up the zTV Remote is a breeze. No complex configurations or installations required – simply sync it with your TV and start enjoying a better sleep experience immediately.
  • 15-Minute Increments: Customize your timer duration with 15-minute intervals.
  • Energy-Saving: Save power and reduce your environmental footprint.
  • User-Friendly Design: Simple and intuitive to use with no complicated menus.


Yes, the zTV remote is designed to work with all TVs, new or old, anywhere in the world.

The remote requires a clear line of sight and should work up to 30 feet.

It is essential for one of the zTV sensors to point directly at the TV. Find a convenient location, test it, and then use Velcro to ensure it always works and stays in place, so you don’t need to search for it.

The zTV remote uses one CR2032 coin cell battery.

The battery should last between 4 to 6 months, depending on usage and the battery manufacturer.

Yes, you just need to reprogram it for the new TV.

Yes, just program it the same way you would at home.

Instructions are available under the “Manual” section on the website. You need to pry open the plastic using a small screwdriver at the small slot on the opposite side of the front sensor, then insert the new CR2032 coin cell battery with the “+” facing up.


The front sensor is used for horizontal applications, and the top sensor near the center button is for vertical applications. This way, the remote can have a direct line of sight to the TV whether it is mounted horizontally or vertically.

  • Original price was: $24.95.Current price is: $19.95.