zTV Remote User Manual

If your zTV remote doesn't sync with your TV as expected or if you require assistance, please don't hesitate to contact us at support@ztvremote.com. We acknowledge that we can't test every TV model, and your feedback is incredibly valuable to us.

Setting Up and Using Your zTV Remote
A Step by Step Video
zTV TV sleep timer remote buttons
zTV TV sleep timer remote buttons
  • (1) Button Placement: Located at the center, the button serves as the timer-setting control.

  • (5) IR Receiver: Positioned on the side, the IR receiver is specifically used for programming the remote.

  • IR Emitters: There are two IR emitters responsible for sending messages to your TV. (2) One is on the front side, ideal for horizontal mounting options. (4) The other is on the top, perfect for vertical mounting configurations. It's crucial to ensure that one of these emitters points directly toward the TV, ensuring a clear line of sight.

  • (3) LED Indicator: Located on the top, the LED indicator can illuminate in either green or red.

Get to know your zTV Remote
Checking Compatibility

The zTV remote is designed to work seamlessly with most Samsung TVs right out of the box. To verify, aim your remote at the TV, press and hold the button for a couple of seconds until the green LED blinks, then let go. If your TV responds, you're good to go. If not, don't worry, just head over to our 'Programming' section below then return to this tutorial.

  • You must let go of the button after the two seconds

  • Any new sequences of button presses will automatically cancel the previous timer and initiate a new one.

Find the Perfect Spot for Your zTV Remote

The secret to success? Line of sight. Your zTV remote has two sensors, one at the front and one on top. Before you commit to a spot, run a quick test. Place the remote on the chosen surface, press and hold the button for two seconds. If your TV responds, you've found your spot! Secure the remote with the provided Velcro. Don't skip the final test, though. If your TV doesn't react, rotate your remote until one of the sensors points towards the TV. Secure it with Velcro, but don't forget to test it one more time.

zTV Sleep timer remote placments
zTV Sleep timer remote placments

Some placement ideas

Using the Timer Function

This clever feature can be your best friend when you're drifting off to sleep. Three quick clicks set the timer for forty-five minutes. Need more time? Extend it with a click for every additional fifteen minutes. But remember, if you turn off the TV with another remote while the timer is set, you may be in for a surprise when the TV turns back on.

For example:
  • One click: 15 minutes

  • Two quick clicks: 30 minutes

  • Three quick clicks: 45 minutes

  • Four quick clicks: 60 minutes

  • Five quick clicks: 75 minutes

  • And so on.

TV Power ON (when the TV is OFF):

  • To turn your TV ON, push and hold the "push button" (1) on the zTV remote for 2 seconds.

  • As you continue holding the button for the full 2 seconds, the LED on the zTV remote will blink green.

  • After the two-second period has expired, the TV should turn ON.

TV Power OFF (when the TV is ON):

  • To turn your TV OFF, follow the same procedure as for turning it ON.

  • Push and hold the "push button" (1) on the zTV remote for 2 seconds.

  • The LED on the zTV remote will blink green once to indicate the two-second period has elapsed.

  • After this, the TV should turn OFF.

In summary, pushing and holding the button for 2 - 5 seconds will toggle the TV's power state between ON and OFF after you let go of the button.

Please note that this ON/OFF function requires prior programming (see below) of the zTV remote to work with your specific TV model. If you haven't programmed the zTV remote yet, refer to the programming instructions mentioned earlier.

TV Power ON and OFF:

Programming Videos


Please note the remote comes preprogrammed for most Samsung TVs.

Here's a step-by-step summary of the programming process:

Press and Hold the "Push Button" (1):

  • To initiate programming mode, press and hold the "push button" on the zTV remote for 15 seconds or until the LED flashes green five times rapidly.

  • The rapid green flashes indicate that the zTV remote is ready for programming.

Aim Your TV Remote:

  • Within 10 seconds of entering programming mode, aim your TV remote about 6 inches away from the "Programming Receiver" (5) on the zTV remote.

Press Your TV Remote's Power Button

  • Press your TV remote's power button once quickly without holding it down.

  • If the programming is successful, the LED on the zTV remote will flash green, indicating that the programming is complete and successful.

  • If the programming fails or times out, the LED will flash red, indicating an unsuccessful attempt.

Repeat the Steps (If Needed):

  • If the programming fails, you can repeat the above steps to try again.

  • If you have attempted a few times and still not programmed the zTV remote successfully, it's advised to replace the battery in the TV remote and try again.

Test programming was successful:

Use the set described above to turn the TV "ON" or "OFF" using the section above "TV Power ON and OFF"

Contact Support (If Still Unsuccessful):

  • If all the steps have been followed correctly, but you are still unable to program the zTV remote successfully, you can reach out to below or at support@zTVremote.com for further assistance.

It's essential to ensure that you follow the steps accurately and aim your TV remote towards the "Programming Receiver" on the zTV remote during the programming process.

Once the zTV remote is successfully programmed to work with your TV, it will serve as a universal remote and offer the timer and power control functions as previously described.

If you have any more questions or need additional help, feel free to ask!

Battery Replacement Procedure:

To replace the battery:

  1. Utilize a small flat screwdriver to gently pry open the plastic cover located at the bottom of the zTV remote.

  2. Locate the CR2032 coin cell battery within the remote.

  3. Ensure that when inserting the new battery, the top marking (indicating the positive side) is oriented towards the upper surface of the battery holder. Refer to the accompanying picture for visual guidance.

Replacing the zTV TV sleep timer remote battery
Replacing the zTV TV sleep timer remote battery