Thank you for volunteering as a beta tester for the new version 2.0 zTV remote.

Your feedback is essential as we strive to create a user-friendly device that seamlessly enhances your TV experience. To kickstart your testing journey, we're thrilled to offer you a FREE zTV remote.

As you engage in testing the zTV remote over the upcoming days and months, we highly value your feedback in the following areas:

1. Device Performance: Please share your experience with the zTV remote. Any issues or glitches you encounter will be invaluable for prompt resolution.

2. Setup Ease: Was the setup process straightforward for you? Specific feedback on any challenges faced will assist us in refining the setup procedure.

3. Clarity of Instructions: Below is the user manual. As feedback accumulates, it will be posted on the site, and we'd highly appreciate your ongoing input on all content posted on the beta testing page. Are the instructions clear and easy to follow? Do you have any suggestions for improvement or additional details?

4. Instructional Video: An amateur instructional video will be provided soon, serving as a precursor to a professionally produced one. Upon receipt, please let us know its helpfulness and suggest any enhancements. Also, indicate your preference between a written or video manual.

Why is this device necessary?

While many televisions come with a sleep function, it's often buried deep within complex menus, making it cumbersome to set when you simply want to wind down.

Preliminary User Manual:

Step 1: Activating the Battery

To activate your zTV remote, simply remove the shipping tab.

Step 2: Pairing the zTV Remote with Your TV

  • Turn on your TV and aim the front of the zTV remote towards it.

  • Press and hold the center button for about 6 seconds until the LED blinks red, then release. You'll notice the LED blink green approximately 2 seconds after holding the button; keep holding it.

  • The LED will blink green during pairing, approximately every 1.5 seconds. Continue holding the remote towards the TV until the TV powers off.

  • Once the TV turns off, quickly press the center button again to finalize the pairing. This process may take up to 3 minutes, depending on your TV as it scans through codes.

  • If the LED stops blinking or flashes red without turning off your TV, the scan didn't find a match. Please retry the scan. If issues persist, contact us at for assistance.

Step 3: Positioning Your zTV Remote

  • Find an optimal location for your zTV remote, ensuring a clear line of sight with the TV. The remote's top or front sensor must directly face the TV and be within a maximum distance of 30 feet. For horizontal placement, point the front sensor towards the TV, while for vertical mounting, position the top sensor towards the TV.

  • Test your chosen location by placing the remote on a surface and holding the button for 2 seconds. If the TV responds, secure the remote with Velcro.

  • Common placements include attaching the zTV remote to your bed headrest or night table for convenient access. Use Velcro to maintain its position and line of sight with the TV.

Using the zTV Remote:

  • The remote simplifies TV timer settings without navigating complex menus.

  • To set a timer, use the center button. Each click sets the timer in 15-minute increments. For instance, press the button three times quickly to set a 45-minute timer. The green LED will flash corresponding to the number of clicks.

  • To extend the timer, press the button again for the desired time. Any new button presses will cancel the previous timer and initiate a new one.

  • To manually turn off the TV, press and hold the button for 2 seconds. Release after two seconds to turn off the TV, also canceling any active timer.

Note: While a timer is set, avoid using another remote to turn off the TV, as it will turn on when the timer expires due to the TV power button's toggle function.

Your insights into these instructions and the device's functionality are invaluable. Thank you for your dedication to improving the zTV remote experience.